Eric Chung is an attorney-at-law licensed to practice law in the states of New Jersey and New York.

Originally from South Jersey, Eric moved to New Brunswick in Central Jersey after high school where he attended Rutgers College at Rutgers University. He majored in Computer Science and Political Science and minored in Philosophy. Eric graduated in 2010 as part of the very last Rutgers College class in history.

Eric then moved to Newark in North Jersey, where he attended Rutgers School of Law–Newark, graduating in 2013.

Although Eric grew up in New Jersey, he has also lived in the lands of Middle-earth while reading the Lord of the Rings series, went to school at Angel Grove High while watching Power Rangers, and worked at the Black Mesa facility while playing Half-Life. It was these experiences that motivated him to become a lawyer and concentrate his practice area in intellectual property. Eric understands the enduring impact that these products of the imagination can have and the need to protect them. He is passionate about helping people protect their ideas—not just copyrightable artistic works but all sorts of other ideas, including slogans, logos, and other trademarkable expressions.

Although focusing on intellectual property and related areas, such as unfair competition, trade secrets, and technology law, Eric also practices in other fields of law such as business and landlord/tenant law. One thing that remains constant, no matter what area of law, is that Eric has a deep, personal connection to everything that he does.