Nothing is more important to us than the security and privacy of your information.

We view our duty of confidentiality and our role in protecting attorney-client communications as sacrosanct. Paper files are securely stored and handled, while electronic documents are encrypted where appropriate.

We are always happy to talk to clients about our security procedures and are continually looking to conform to best practices. Where necessary, we will make modifications to meet any client needs.

However, we must warn you that despite our best efforts, no system is foolproof. There may be latent defects (“backdoors” or “zero-day bugs”) in any sort of encryption technology employed. Social engineering could be employed against either us or you. We are not hardened against physical attacks or determined, motivated adversaries. All of this applies to documents that are encrypted and even more so to unencrypted documents.

With this in mind, we are providing our PGP public key on this page if you wish to send us PGP-encrypted emails or files. Additionally, we are providing our self-signed Adobe Acrobat Certificate in FDF file format which you can install to verify our Acrobat signature. Even with such precautions and even though we believe that we take appropriate security measures, there is no guarantee that your documents will be protected due to the circumstances mentioned above.

Eric Chung’s Adobe Certificate: (.fdf file download)

Eric Chung’s PGP Public Key (0x1B83D84F): (.asc file download) (MIT key server)