Landlord/tenant law involves the renting of either residential or commercial real estate.  Residential property includes houses, apartments, condos, townhouses, and other residences; commercial properties, on the other hand, include office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, and other business properties.

In this area, Eric focuses his practice on representing residential landlords and tenants.

Eric comes from a family of landowners, so he understands the challenges and needs of landlords. Eric recognizes that owners of multi-unit investment properties have different objectives than single-family homeowners renting out a room, who may be more concerned with protecting the property or resolving personal disputes with the tenant. Whether you are a large or small landlord, you are bound to run into challenges with New Jersey’s highly complex and technical landlord/tenant laws.

No case is too complex, including those with difficult or novel legal issues. For example, Eric successfully litigated the only Appellate Division decision on the Safe Housing Act, N.J.S.A. 46:8-9.6, a little-known area of landlord/tenant law allowing victims of domestic violence to terminate their leases.

Eric can help by giving you legal advice and counsel, representing you in court for evictions or other landlord/tenant issues, and providing lease drafting and review services.