Intellectual property (IP) is the area of law that deals with products of the mind and imagination. Primarily, they include copyrights, trademarks, and patents. However IP also includes trade secrets and is closely linked to unfair competition.

Although often confused with each other, the different fields of IP have very different procedures to obtain protection and in what they protect.

Trademarks, in essence, protect your good name and reputation as well as your branding. Copyright protects an expression of an idea: artistic works, like a book or video game, are prime examples although the range of copyrights are much greater than just those examples. Patents protect an actual idea, not just the expression of one: for example, the ability to be the sole manufacturer of tractors.

Eric practices all areas of IP law, with the exception of patent prosecution. If you own intellectual property, or think you might, Eric can assist you in determining if you have any rights that are protectable and the best way to go about protecting them.